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Twickenham and District Model Railway Club Showcase

Twickenham And Discrict Model Railway Club Showcase

Representative name: Paul Raven-Hill (Chairman) How can people get in touch: Phone number:   07702 375397 (Mobile) or via website. Email address: chairman.tdmrc@gmail.com Website:    www.tdmrc.org.uk Facebook page: Twickenham & District MRC Give us a little bit of background on your club: Our club was started…

Crawley Model Railway Society Showcase

Crawley Model Railway Club Showcase

Club name: Crawley Model Railway Society Representative name:  Paul Sharp How can people get in touch: Give us a little bit of background on your club: In 1958, one of the original members put and an advertisement in Model Railway News looking…

Different types of static grass

Static Grass Applicator

With the invention of static grass revolutionising the way we create models and hyper-realistic scenery, many model makers are looking to start using static grass for themselves. As static grass is still a fairly new invention, you might be wondering…

BEST model railway youtubers

Building a model railway

A great way to explore model railway layouts and learn new tricks and techniques is to follow some experts on YouTubers who share their experiences, their designs, and their tips on how to create some of their scenes. We have…

modelling and mental health

Untitled Design

Having made it through the pandemic and trying to find balance in our ‘new normal’, it comes as no surprise that the demand for stress-reducing activities is at an all-time high. The increased amounts of time we spent indoors has…

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