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BEST model railway youtubers

A great way to explore model railway layouts and learn new tricks and techniques is to follow some experts on YouTubers who share their experiences, their designs, and their tips on how to create some of their scenes. We have compiled a list of the top modellers you should check out if you want to expand your knowledge and grow your skills. 

Luke Towan 

Master of scenery, Luke Towan is an exceptional go-to resource when you want to level up your model railway layouts and dioramas. 

Ron’s Trains N Things

Ron’s Trains N Things is a great resource for anyone interested in model railways. He shares model railway tips, tools and techniques to help you get started and keep improving your layouts. 

Sam’s Trains

Sam’s Trains has a lot of easy-to-follow and understand informative resources on setting up the basics of your model railway layout, such as choosing your first locomotives, and how to set up DCC. 

Modelling with Martyn

The authority on static grass and scenery, Martyn is bank of knowledge and brimming with enthusiasm. You’ll not only learn professional scenery techniques but leave with even more passion for your hobby. 

Model Railway Fantasia 

Although this is a young YouTube channel, Mark is a fantastic modeller that gets great results.

New Junction 

Richard is highly informative and works within the industry, so you know all of his insights, tips and tricks are the best of the best. 

Jennifer Kirk

Jenny is the fountain of all knowledge; she has a great Monday night live show and appears on many of the hobby’s TV shows. 

Kathy Millatt 

Kathy is a great modeller, not just in railways but in general. You will pick up some great tips from watching her. 

That Model Railway Guy

WWScenics sponsor one of his builds, and everything you will learn from his channel is valuable information. You can’t go wrong. 

Debbie McMillan

While Debbie’s channel is still growing, she is a masterful weather modeller with a lot to teach beginners and experts alike. 

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