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6mm Layering Grass

Our Layering Grasses are made from realistic nylon flock fibres and come in a variety of lengths (4mm, 6mm, 10mm and 12mm) that you can apply using our pioneering static grass applicators.

Effortlessly add depth and variation to your model railway, battleboard or diorama landscapes, bringing them to life. Our 4mm layering grass is perfect for adding shorter clumps and layers of grass for creating realistic model scenery.

Mix our 6mm layering grass with longer grasses for more versatile grassy landscapes or use our 6mm layering grass on its own to create a more cohesive (but still natural and realistic) layer of grass. Choose from an array of realistic finishes, including Summer Meadow effect, Scorched Earth, Wild Grass Meadow, or Melted Snow Scatter. The only limitation is your imagination!


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  • Image 1 Spring66MM STATIC GRASS

    6mm Spring Static Grass

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Image 1Image 2

    6mm Static Grass Autumn

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Image 1 500ml Dead 6mmImage 2 Dead 6mm

    6mm Static Grass Dead

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • 2mm Early Spring Lisa Pic (1)

    6mm Static Grass Early Spring

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Golden Yellow 4mm

    6mm Static Grass Golden Wheat

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Hayfield 6

    6mm Static Grass Hayfield

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Muddy 6mm

    6mm Static Grass Muddy

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Version 2

    6mm Static Grass North European

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Pasture 6mm

    6mm Static Grass Pasture

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Image 1 500ml Patchy 6mmImage 2 Patchy 6mm

    6mm Static Grass Patchy

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Scorched6looseScorched6bag

    6mm Static Grass Scorched

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Dsc 0507Wm6bag2

    6mm Static Grass Wild Meadow

    5 out of 5
    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Image 1 1000ml MainImage 2

    6mm Summer Static Grass

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Image 1 1000ml Winter 6mm MainImage 2

    6mm Winter Static Grass

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Summer Tuft Creation Kit 3

    Silicone Tuft Paper – 10 x A4 Sheets

    5 out of 5
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