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An enchanting take on model trees by trevor

A wonderful use of materials blended together to create these winding and beautifully textured set of trees. From trees built up from sets of twigs and sticks from his garden, to flowers topped with sieved vibrant crayon, Trevor has demonstrated…

River scene

Img20230211070258 1.jpg

My first big diorama, including seafoam trees and a river. Not quite finished in these photos. First time using both seafoam and a deep resin pour. Must say the resin water was a doddle. 2 pours done, 1 last night…


Img 20230106 201738 504.webp

I love the films. I wanted to create my own magic in my 1st build, using foam and paper mache, I created Mountain with tunnel going through, placed hogwarts on top using static grass and tufts to bring it to…


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Wheat and barley here may grow, sown in the mud before the snow. Who’s that in the distance swooping down from the sky, it’s the crafty crow with his beady eye

My lighthouse

88d34462 D62f 4f07 8a8b 23b077fb80f7 1.jpeg

Andy from his Chair – I call my build this because I have very little movement left in my body so to fight depression I build models, being stuck in a chair hampers me a little but when I get…

Enchanted Brook

1a946d60 205f 453d B99c D65c96c58fd3.jpeg

Down in the valley where the mist hangs low, you can dance in the moonlight and no one will know. But the night creatures listen and they shuffle and sigh as Mab with her flagon comes floating by.

Imagination by Trevor

Img 20210807 054913 1.jpg

 “This was not based on anywhere in particular, it was just in my imagination, Perhaps its a place I would like to be away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. As a complete beginner in modelling scenery…

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