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OO Gauge Farm

If you are looking to add a touch of structure and realism to your farm diorama or scene, we have a large array of farm buildings and animals you can add to your farm landscape. Whether you want to add a livestock barn with hand-sculpted sheep ready for you to paint, or a closed barn with a sliding door that reveals some cows nestled inside, we have everything you could possibly need. Our hand-made farm animals come unpainted, giving you the freedom to create unique animals for your diorama.


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  • Image 7 (1)Image 8

    Livestock Barn & Cows Kit

    £24.99 Add to basket
  • Img 8104Microsoftteams Image (35)

    OO Gauge Chickens Hand Sculpted x 20

  • Image 7 (7)Image 1 (7)

    OO Gauge Closed Barn with Sliding Door

    £13.99 Add to basket
  • Image 5 (6)Image 1 (6)

    OO Gauge Double Fronted House WSLC-001

    £12.99 Add to basket
  • Farm Yard Scatter Image 4Farm Yard Scatter Image 1

    OO Gauge Farm Yard Scatter Pack

    £12.99 Add to basket
  • Image 5 (3)Image 1 (1)

    OO Gauge Hand Sculpted Cows

  • Image 3 (3)Image 1 (2)

    OO Gauge Hand Sculpted Sheep x 20

    4 out of 5
  • Haybails Image 5Haybails Image 1

    OO Gauge Hay Bales x 20

  • Livestock BarnMicrosoftteams Image (31)

    OO Gauge Livestock Barn with 4mm Hayfield Static Grass

    £18.99 Add to basket
  • Dutch Barn Image 6Microsoftteams Image (41)

    OO Gauge Metal Roof Dutch Barn

    £19.99 Add to basket
  • Image 6 (5)Image 1 (6)

    OO Gauge Open Side Barn

    £12.49 Add to basket
  • Pig Barn Image 8Pig Barn Image 1

    OO Gauge Pig Pen with Pig & Piglets

  • Pigs Image 7Pigs Image 1

    OO Gauge Pigs & Piglets x 16

  • Oo Gauge Sheep Flocking Kit 13New Packaging 2

    OO Gauge Sheep Flocking Kit

    £14.99£54.99 Select options
  • Microsoftteams Image (46)Imahe 2

    WWS Allotment Garden 5 Pcs Set

    £12.49 Add to basket
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