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Different Types of Glues and Their Uses

Glue is a foundational part of building any model, whether that be a model railway layout, diorama or wargaming battle board. You will need glues to keep structures together, glue scenery down, keep your tracks in place and so much more. We sell an array of modelling glues, each tailored for a specific purpose. 

We do want to point out that while we do sell PVA glues, we don’t recommend you don’t use PVA glue when sticking static grass down. PVA glues are rubber-based glues, which by nature always move and shrink when they dry. This causes your model grass to dry in unnatural looking clumps, and the final result won’t be what you’re looking for. 

Glues for static grass

Static Grass Layering System Glue

Model Basing glue

Basing glue is the very first layer of glue that goes on to your scenery. It is the first building block of your static grass layer, and you add more layers of grass on top of it using layering spray. You will need a strong base to the layered grass, basing glue dries fast and clear, as well as bonding to the board, giving you the strong, stable base. 

Model Layering spray

Layering spray is the vital part of our revolutionary static grass layering system. It is an ultra-fine glue that is used to create layers of static grass. You can also use layering spray in a multitude of different scenarios. It truly is an essential product when model making. You can read more about it in our Static Grass Layering System tutorial here.

Model Scenery glues

Sand and gravel glues 

This glue can be used straight out of the bottle onto Sands and Gravels, which will flow through and adhere sand and gravel to your surface. It dries exceptionally well and leaves a realistic finish to sand and gravel. 

Static Grass Tufts Glue

Tuft glue

Tuft glue stays tacky and won’t fully dry, which means you can create your own self-adhesive tufts you can stick down and move. We recommend you only stick onto clean surfaces as dust or debris will mean your glue won’t stick as well. 

Building glues

Ballast glue 

Ballast glue allows you to securely adhere your ballasts, which will enable you to continue constructing your model without fear of anything coming apart. Ballast glue can be used straight out of the bottle onto your ballast. It will dry within hours and is permanent fixed to the baseboard and track.

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