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Pro Grass Applicators

Our Static Grass Applicators have become the industry standard when it comes to adding a touch of realism to your model railway, diorama scene, or even Scalextric. As inventors of the Static Grass Layering system, we stock grass applicators that enable you to create any type of effect with your static grass. So, whether you are wanting to create static grass tuffs, realistic grassy landscapes, or even a scorched hillside effect, our applicators deliver an unmatched finish.

Our Pro Grass Applicators are available in a number of different sizes (Detailer, Grand, Micro, Box, and Precision), depending on the level of detail you are trying to recreate. We also have a range of model scenery creation kits that gives you everything you need to create the perfect landscape.

Don’t forget to check out the WWScenics YouTube channel where our model scenery expert Martyn, shows you how to use our pro grass applicators for optimum results.


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