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1mm Basing Grass

Our 1mm Model Basing Grass (Grass Flock) is the perfect foundation for your scene, helping you to create realistic-looking meadows, fields, and grassy landscapes. It also acts as the perfect base to build out foliage and even hillsides.

Simply apply the glue and then add the basing grass you see fit. Whether you are creating a vibrant backdrop for your Autumn diorama, a snowy mountainside for your layout, or require a dash of colour for your battlefield wargaming, we’ve got you covered.

Rather than just one layer of grass, why not try our revolutionary Static Grass Layering System for an ultra-detailed and realistic finish? Once you’ve experienced the realism of laying nylon flock fibres using our Static Grass Applicator, you’ll never look back.

Need some help choosing the right basing grass? Speak to our modelling experts who will advise you on everything you need. Don’t forget to check out our model glues and adhesives.


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  • Cover PhotoColour Chart

    1mm .Flocking Fibres – 100g

  • Image 1 500mlImage 2

    1mm Autumn Static Grass

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • 13

    1mm Beige Flocking Fibres | 30g

  • Image 500ml Patchy 1mmImage 2 Patchy 1mm

    1mm Patchy Static Grass

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Image 1 Spring6MM STATIC GRASS

    1mm Spring Static Grass

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Image 1 1000ml Dead 1mmImage 2

    1mm Static Grass Dead

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Pasture 1mm

    1mm Static Grass Pasture

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Dsc 0527Scorched 1mm Lt

    1mm Static Grass Scorched

    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Image 1 1000ml MainImage 2

    1mm Summer Static Grass

    5 out of 5
    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Image 1 1000ml MainImage 2

    1mm Winter Static Grass

    5 out of 5
    £3.99£49.99 Select options
  • Summer Tuft Creation Kit 3

    Silicone Tuft Paper – 10 x A4 Sheets

    5 out of 5
  • OUT OF STOCKSnow Image 1 MSnow Image 2

    Snow Scatter 0.5mm

    5 out of 5
    £3.99£49.99 Select options
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