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Fences & Walls

If you are looking to add structure to your model railway layout, diorama or wargaming battle board we have a set of realistic and high-quality fences and walls for you to choose from. Whether you are opting for more rustic farm stone walls, crumbling stone walls, manicured garden walls, or even barbed wire fences, we have everything you could possibly need to add fences and walls to your scenes. Our fences and walls are available pre-painted and unpainted, so that you have total creative control over your designs. We produce them in-house, using high-quality resin, and they will take your terrain to the next level.


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  • Barbed Wire VariationBarbed Wire Defensive Position 3

    Barbed Wire Defensive Position

    £3.49£53.99 Select options
  • Block Walls Variation 1Block Walls 2

    Block Walls

    £3.49£38.99 Select options
  • Brick Built Walls Variation 1Brick Built Walls 2

    Brick Built Wall

    £3.99£38.99 Select options
  • Dry Stone Walls VariationDry Stone Wall 2

    Dry Stone Walls

    5 out of 5
    £4.49£35.99 Select options
  • Farm Stone Walls VariationFarm Stone Wall 2

    Farm Stone Walls

    £3.99£35.99 Select options
  • Garden Walls Variation 1Garden Walls 2

    Garden Walls

    £4.49£38.99 Select options
  • Fence Image 1Fence Image 2

    OO Gauge 4ft Wooden Post & Wire Fencing.

    5 out of 5
  • Variation FencesSecurity Fence 2

    OO Gauge Model Fences

  • Rubble Stone Walls VariationRubble Wall 2

    Rubble Stone Walls, Corners & Gates

    £3.99£37.99 Select options
  • Wooden Fence Walls VariationBarbed~2

    Wooden Fences, Gates & Corners

    £3.99£36.99 Select options
  • Yorkshire Walls VariationYorkshire Stone Wall 2

    Yorkshire Stone Walls

    £3.99£37.99 Select options
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