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Different types of static grass

Static Grass Applicator

With the invention of static grass revolutionising the way we create models and hyper-realistic scenery, many model makers are looking to start using static grass for themselves. As static grass is still a fairly new invention, you might be wondering…

WWScenics Pro Grass Applicators Explained

Static Grass Applicators

WWScenics is the only company that produce a range of static grass applicators. In this article Martyn explains what they can be used for, and which one is the correct one for you the modeller. The Pro Grass Micro This…

pro Grass Layering System Explained

Static Grass Layering System Glue

Static grass as a product, will have the most impact you can have visually on your layout, diorama, model, or project. It can transform a section of board into an amazing landscape. There is a technique to it, but if…

How to use Realistic Tree Kits

Model Tree Kits 006

Recently, WWScenics launched a range of tree making kits. So, in this article I am going to cover how to use them. What is in the box? The tree kits come with all the materials to build a realistic tree,…

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