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  • 23.medium Cut Double Ended Riffler Files X 10 2

    Modelcraft 10 Pce Medium Cut Double Ended Riffler Files Set

    £11.50 Add to basket
  • 15.microbox Drill Set X 20 No.61 80

    Modelcraft 20 Pce Microbox Drill Set (No.61 – 80)

    £10.99 Add to basket
  • Plier Set In Zip Up Case X 5 (1)

    Modelcraft 5 Pce Mini Plier Set in Zip-up Case

    £18.99 Add to basket
  • 16.stainless Steel Probes X 6

    Modelcraft 6 Pce Stainless Steel Probes Set

    £10.99 Add to basket
  • 55.set Of 6 Torx Screwdrivers 1

    Modelcraft 6 Pce Torx Screwdrivers Set

    £19.99 Add to basket
  • 48.adaptor Pin Chuck Set With 4 Collets

    Modelcraft Adaptor Pin Chuck Set with 4 Collets

  • 29.ball Pein Hammer 1oz28g

    Modelcraft Ball Pein Hammer (2oz/56g)

  • 43.round Nose Smooth Jaw Pliers

    Modelcraft Box Joint Round Nose Pliers (115mm)

    £10.99 Add to basket
  • Joint Snipe Nose Bent Pliers 115mm

    Modelcraft Box Joint Snipe Nose Pliers (115mm)

    £10.99 Add to basket
  • 20.dividers 75mm

    Modelcraft Divider & Calipers (75mm)

  • 58.model Craft Engineers Square 25mm

    Modelcraft Engineers Square

  • 45.1.flat Nose Pliers

    Modelcraft Flat Nose Pliers

  • 59.magnifier Tweezers 1.75x Magnifier

    Modelcraft Magnifier Tweezers (1.75x Magnifier)

  • 45.micro Snips (2)

    Modelcraft Micro Snips

  • 48.1pin Chuck Set With 3 Collets

    Modelcraft Pin Chuck Set with 3 Collets

  • 28.plastic Digital Lcd Caliper 100mm

    Modelcraft Plastic Digital LCD Caliper (100mm)

    £17.95 Add to basket
  • Plastic Tweezers X 2

    Modelcraft Plastic Tweezers x 2

  • 37.precision Lubricator

    Modelcraft Precision Lubricator

  • 39.precision Syringe X 3

    Modelcraft Precision Syringe (5ml) x 3

  • Reverse Action Tweezers Curved Tipfibre Grip 160mm

    Modelcraft Reverse Action Tweezers Curved Tip/Fibre Grip (160mm)

  • 26.spring Loaded File Sander Medium Grade 25mm

    Modelcraft Spring Loaded File Sander – (25mm, Medium Grade)

  • 25.spring Loaded Finger Sander 10mm Medium Grade

    Modelcraft Spring-Loaded Finger Sander (10mm, Medium Grade)

  • 49.steel Rule 150mm

    Modelcraft Steel Rule (150mm)

  • 12.taper Reamer

    Modelcraft Taper Reamer (1 – 16mm)

    £13.45 Add to basket
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