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Pro Grass N Gauge Micro Applicator 


  • Pro Grass N-Gauge Micro Applicator by War World Scenics
  • A more compact Pro Grass Applicator suitable for applying 1mm – 2mm static grass
  • Ideal for creating detailed and realistic grass layers on smaller landscapes for any model railway layout, wargaming battleboard, miniature model base or diorama
  • Supplied with our fine mesh head and requires a PP3 9V battery (not supplied)
  • For best results, use with WWS Basing Glue & WWS Layering Spray
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The Pro Grass N-Gauge Micro Applicator by War World Scenics is a more compact static grass applicator ideal for smaller landscapes and areas. The N-Gauge edition comes with a fine mesh head suitable for 1mm and 2mm static grass and requires a PP3 9V battery (not supplied) to provide a static electrical current to charge the static grass fibres, causing them to arrange in a vertical position on your selected surface, giving a realistic 3D effect. The Micro Applicator is efficient with superb results (see images), wireless and only requires a 9v battery (so no unnecessary cables). It has a lightweight design yet is robust, versatile and time-saving (quicker than manually applying static grass – with better results).

The Pro Grass N-Gauge Micro Applicator can be used for: Quickly flocking smaller areas, making grass tufts, adding detail to miniature model bases. For larger landscapes, the Pro Grass Grand Applicator is recommended. Full detailed instructions are also supplied, and we also have tutorial videos available online.

Here at War World Scenics, we are passionate about modelling and we always try to improve our products and continually create innovative new additions to our huge range. Whether you need scenery materials such as static grass and tufts, modelling materials such as ABS and balsa, or even
model structures like bridges and platforms, we guarantee you’ll find what you need.


Made in Wales (UK)

Check out our article explaining the differences between all our Pro Grass Applicators and the one about the Pro Grass Layering System that explains how to lay grass and how to use the applicator.

We also recommend watching this video from Martyn, WWScenics director, showing how to use the applicator.

How do I check that my Applicator is working?

To check the applicator is not faulty:

  • Put the battery in and turn on the switch, the light should turn on
  • Once turned on, put the crocodile clip in the hopper, if you can see some spark/an electric noise

If the applicator meets both requirements, then it is working.

Do you have any tips on how to use the Applicator? I can’t make the grass stand properly, any advice?

Here are some key things for you to check when using the applicator to apply static grass:

  • Use a powerful brand-new battery (PP3 9V battery).
  • Do not fill the hopper with too much grass, as the grass needs to have space to move.
  • Only apply a smear of basing glue on the required area and make sure to apply the basing grass before it dries. Room temperature can affect this.
  • Do not apply too much basing grass to the area. If you cover the basing glue with too much grass it will not stand but get all flat.
  • Once you have applied the basing grass and can’t see the basing glue anymore, wait until the basing glue dries and add some layering spray adhesive before applying the layering grass.
  • Make sure the crocodile clip is near the applicator’s head when applying the grass.

We also recommend you watch this video showing how to use the applicator.

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