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Ultimate Guide to laser-cut leaves

When creating this range, we wanted to be sure that the leaf shapes and colours would be appropriate for every layout. We have 3 types of shapes – Maple, Ash, and Elm, which are not restricted to just those species. Such as, maple leaves have jagged points, and the Ash’s more curved, allowing them to easily adapt to most scenery styles.

Our laser-cut leaves are also flocked, giving that realistic, 3D effect. This also adds texture to the leaves, as you would find in real life. With many small-scale modellers out there, sizing was the focus here. These leaves are on the smallest scale possible while maintaining high detail and quality through our laser-cut design. They are suitable for the smallest gauges and up.


We recommend using Basing Glue and Tweezers to apply these leaves. The leaves can be cut or pulled from the template, then simply apply a spot of glue on a palette or some cardboard, and using tweezers, dip the leaf into the glue and place it in the desired area.


Leaves on Pathway

Laser Cut leaves are the perfect way to capture naturally fallen leaves on the ground, pathways, and track. Choose where and how many to create that exact scene you had in mind.

Leaf Piles:

The durability of these leaves makes them ideal for bending and curling into shape, which can be very effective when creating leaf piles.

Leaves on Track

Nothing quite creates that rustic effect like an old track with fallen leaves between siding. For those Railway Modellers who enjoy the ‘delayed train’ concept, laser-cut leaves can be the best option when creating the popular fallen leaf obstruction.

Trees and Branches

If you are looking to create that extra realistic and detailed tree, you should know these leaves can be attached to any tree type – including seafoam, wire, and plastic.

The range of colours allows for the creation of vivid colour depths found in autumn, spring, and summer trees. A winter tree can also be created by following with bush and tree spray, 0.5 mm snow then dusting.

The ease of use and durability of these leaves results in them being the best method for intricate bush and tree designs.

*layer up for colour depth

Show Us Your Leaves!

We would love to see your laser-cut leave creations. Take advantage of our customer gallery to show off your work, or head over to our Facebook Group – see the links below:

Gallery – https://www.wwscenics.com/customer-gallery/

Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/WWscenics

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