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Laser-Cut Leaves

This unique range of Laser-Cut Leaves offers different shapes and colours of leaves suitable for every layout and diorama. You will find 3 different shapes: Maple, Ash, and Elm, which are not restricted to just those species, and 5 different colours: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Brown.

Our Laser-Cut Leaves are also flocked, giving that realistic, 3D effect. This also adds texture to the leaves, as you would find in real life. To find out more about what to do with these leaves, we wrote an article on our blog to guide you called The Ultimate Guide to Laser-Cut Leaves.

Don’t forget that you can save money by purchasing the entire range with the Full Pack.

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  • Laser Cut Leaves Ash Close UpLaser Cut Ash Leaves 1

    Laser-Cut Flocked Ash Leaves

  • Laser Cut Leaves Elm Close UpAll

    Laser-Cut Flocked Elm Leaves

  • Untitled 1 (1)11

    Laser-Cut Flocked Ivy Plants

    5 out of 5
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  • Laser Cut Leaves Maple Close UpLaser Cut Maple Leaves 1

    Laser-Cut Flocked Maple Leaves

  • 5Laser-cut leaves

    Laser-Cut Leaves Flocked Full Pack

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