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Model Plaster


  • CHOOSE – From a variety of model sculpting plasters
  • MODELLING SYSTEM – Specifically designed to be used with other WWS modelling materials such as static grass, scatter materials, muds, weathering powders, ballast etc. as part of the Modelling System
  • PLASTER – Choose from a range of plasters for a variety of modelling or sculpting requirements
  • FOR MODELLING – Create any type of model terrain or landscape with a large selection of modelling products
If you purchase this product you will earn 39-74 Seeds worth of £0.39-£0.74!
If you purchase this product you will earn 39-74 Seeds worth of £0.39-£0.74!
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Smooth Plaster – When used on your model landscape or modelling sheet, the smooth plaster forms a permanent surface, the ideal foundation for other modelling materials to create a unique and realistic landscape.

Textured Plaster also dries hard and strong but adds that textured effect on your model landscape foundation or project such as rough desert landscapes, rocky hills or mountains or any other naturally rough surface.

Fibre Mould has increased strength and surface hardness compared to standard plaster and has a rougher and more extreme texture than textured plaster making it ideal for moulding rock faces, mountains and hills directly onto your landscape.

Sculpting Plaster carves easily when dry and can be used to carve custom terrain and structural formations including realistic rock faces, boulders, bride abutments etc. as well as any cobblestone or brick effects you wish to create. If purchased with the Modelling Sheet, this can be used to create rock moulds before creating your landscape.

Choose Between:

Sculpting Plaster 1000ml

Smooth Plaster 1000ml

Textured Plaster 1000ml

Fibre Mould 1000ml

Set of 4 Plasters 500ml each

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