Naughty Elf Rocking Chair


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This Naughty Elf Rocking Chair is the perfect throne for a Naughty Elf to take a break from all the mischief-making. Can be used as a decoration or prop for Naughty Elf shenanigans. Paint, colour, glitter and glue to your desire. The little elf sits quite happily (but not quietly!) within.

The 3mm MDF ensures a solid structure that is easy to assemble. Simply glue in place. Sturdy and free-standing once assembled.

Dimensions (H x W x Dcm):
15 x 10 x 14

This product comes flat-packed therefore gluing is required but not supplied. The components are cut from 3mm MDF wood and may have a burnt smell from the lasers but this will soon disappear. Our MDF products are made to order but, unfortunately, we are unable to offer personalisation at this time.


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