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Lichen Multi-Packs (Choose Colour and Size)


  • LICHEN – Various multi-packs of lichen model moss from the large range of foliage materials by War World Scenics
  • SIZES – Available in packs of 3 x 20g or 60g (approximate weights) in resealable bags or a set 8 x 20g of each colour
  • COLOURS – Available in a range of vibrant colours to suit all terrains and layouts
  • NATURAL – Natural product ideal for creating model trees bushes hedgerows or any other model foliage
  • MODELLING – Suitable for a range of modelling tasks including model railway, wargames, architectural design and dioramas
If you purchase this product you will earn 42-129 Seeds worth of £0.42-£1.29!
If you purchase this product you will earn 42-129 Seeds worth of £0.42-£1.29!
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The lichen model moss is from a large range of basing materials by War World Scenics and is ideal for any modelling task where you wish to create a natural and realistic foliage effect. Recreate model trees, bushes, hedgerows and shrubs with this natural lichen moss. Suitable for any model railway landscape or wargame layout, as well as architectural designs or model dioramas. Lichen can also be used as a basing material for your miniature models and figures and is available in a range of vibrant colours. This is a natural product which has been specially treated to retain its colour and shape. Disclaimer: All natural lichen products will come flattened, but will immediately reshape once air is reintroduced when opening the bag

Here at War World Scenics, we are passionate about modelling and we always try to improve our products and continually create innovative new additions to our huge range. Whether you need scenery materials such as static grass and tufts, modelling materials such as ABS and balsa, or even model structures like bridges and platforms, we guarantee you’ll find what you need.

Available in a range of multi-packs, including: Light Green, Dark Green, Brown (3 x 20g/60g), Light Green, Orange, Brown (3 x 20g/60g), Yellow, Orange, Red (3 x 20g/60g), Yellow, Blue, Red (3 x 20g/60g), Black, Blue, Red (3 x 20g/60g), Black, Blue, Light Green (3 x 20g/60g), Small Multi-Pack of 8 colours (8 x 20g) or Large Multi-Pack of 8 colours (8 x 60g). We also have individual bags of each colour available in various sizes (see other listings).

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