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Pro Grass Box Applicator Static Grass Tuft Creation Kit


  • Pro Grass Box Applicator Tuft Kit
  • This kit, which includes our Pro Grass Box Applicator, provides everything you need to create your own tufts for your model
  • Static Grass is produced from ultra-realistic fibres
  • Ideal for creating tufts for any model railway gauge or tabletop wargaming scale
  • Kit contains 4 x A5 Easy Peel Tuft Paper Sheets, 1 x 250ml Tuft Glue, 1 x Spring 4mm Static Grass, 1 x Summer 4mm Static Grass
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The Pro Grass Box Applicator Tuft Kit allows you to create tufts of any size or shape to suit your railway landscape, wargame battleboard or model diorama. Our easy-peel tuft paper is the industry standard for creating tufts, the tuft glue is easy to apply and the 4mm Static Grasses are the ideal length to create ultra-realistic tufts. Any of our lengths and unique colour blends of Static Grass can also be used to create your own tufts with our specially designed Box Applicator.

The Pro Grass Box Applicator is powered by a 9V battery (not supplied) which provide a static electrical current to charge the static grass fibres, causing them to arrange in a vertical position onto the tuft paper, giving a realistic 3D effect. Simply apply a dot of glue (or whichever size or shape you require) to the tuft paper, place the grass on the Box Applicator plate, attach the crocodile clip to the tuft paper and hold it glue facing down just above the plate of grass and switch on the device and move the paper right to left over the Box Applicator for an even coverage.

Kit Contains:

1 x Pro Grass Box Applicator

4 x A5 Easy-Peel Tuft Paper Sheets

1 x 250ml Tuft Glue

1 x 100g Spring 4mm Static Layering Grass

1 x 100g Summer 4mm Static Layering Grass

Full detailed instructions are also supplied, and we also have tutorial videos available online.

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Weight 840 g

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