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Modelling Metals A5 Sheet x 4


  • A5 Modelling Metal Sheets
  • Hugely Versatile, with a Variety of Uses
  • Form Landscapes, Mould and Create Features
  • Easily Shaped as Desired
  • Contains 4x A5 Sheets

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Modelling Metals are a versatile product, as seen on Modelling with Martyn, that allows you to create structures such as Mountains, Hills, Natural rock tunnels, rock faces and many more.

Shape the Modelling Metal to the shape you require. Then cover with WWS Mod Roc or for added texture, use WWS Fibre Mould.

You can also sculpt the modelling metal in to create negative moulds for rocks, rock faces and cliff faces. You can then pour WWS Smooth Plaster into the mould, wait for the plaster to dry and have your very own custom item. Finish by painting and weathering using WWS Weathering Powders.

Another great feature of this product is shaping it for water pours. You can mould to the shape you require, by contouring it to your model, or shaping a river bed from the metal. Pour WWS Model Water, leave to cure for at least 48hrs. Once dry remove from metal and place onto your model. Blend in using WWS Model Water Texture and WWS Muds.

Pack Contains:

4 x A5 Sheets Modelling Metal

Additional information

Weight155 g
Dimensions230.5 × 340.5 × 20 mm


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