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Fine Grade Super Glue 20g – Sets in 1-3 Seconds

£5.20 £4.42

  • Thin Grade Super Glue
  • Quick Drying – Sets in 1-3 seconds
  • Ideal for any modelling tasks and on MDF, resin and any modelling materials
  • Supplied in a 20g bottle with a precision nozzle for easy use
  • High strength and dries clear

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This WWS Superglue is ideal for bonding any modelling materials, including MDF, resin as well as basing materials. Supplied in a 20g bottle with a precision nozzle for accurate results and easy use. This superglue is high strength and dries quickly and clear.

For best results, ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean and dry. Apply small amount of adhesive to one surface only, assemble and allow to cure. To speed up the setting time, use the WWS Accelerator Spray (Available in the UK only).


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