About Seeds

Introducing WWScenics Seeds.

Redeem any Seeds you have earned to receive discounts on any orders you make.

1 Seed = £0.01

Ways to Earn


£1 Spent = 5 Seeds Earned


25 Seeds per Review

(Must own Product to Place Review)

Newly Registered Account

100 Seeds Granted upon Signup


500 Points as a Gift from Us on Your Birthday

(Don’t forget to add this information to your profile so that you don’t miss out!)


  • Seeds Expire 12 Months from the Date of Issue. Users will be notified 1 Month before Seeds are due to Expire.
  • WWScenics may Grant and Revoke Seeds as we see fit and deem necessary.
  • Users may be Banned from receiving and using Seeds if found in breach of our Terms & Conditions.
  • WWScenics may alter the value of Seeds or amounts awarded at any time.
  • Cancelled Orders will automatically revoke any Seeds earned for that Order.
  • Redeemed Points may be Reassigned to the User in the case of a Refund. Contact Us for your case to be reviewed.
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