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Pro Grass Precision Static Grass Applicator Urban Rail Yard Kit


  • The Pro Grass Precision Applicator Urban Rail Yard Kit
  • Designed specifically for applying 2mm and 4mm static grass in smaller or difficult-to-reach areas
  • Ideal for any model railway layout, wargaming battleboard, miniature model base or diorama
  • Power is supplied by a 9V battery and produced in the UK
  • Kit Contains 1 x Precision Applicator, 1 x Basing Glue, 1 x Gravel, 1 x 2mm Spring Grass, 1 x 4mm Patchy Grass

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The Pro Grass Precision Applicator Urban Rail Yard Kit is ideal for creating an urban rail yard landscape. The kit includes a selection of scenery materials and glue to enhance your layout. The 2mm basing grass is an ideal first layer, and the 4mm layering grass can then be used to add depth and build grass height.   The Precision Applicator is purposely designed for applying intricate modelling details, for example, along the edge of railway track, or in between two buildings. It is powered by a 9V battery which provides a static electrical current to charge the static grass fibres, causing them to arrange in a vertical position on your selected surface, giving a realistic 3D effect. This Precision Applicator can also be used to create grass tufts directly onto your layout or model bases or for applying static grass around the edges of buildings.

Kit includes:

1 x Precision Applicator

1 x Basing Glue

1 x Gravel (Sample Bag)

1 x 2mm Spring Grass (10g Bag)

1 x 4mm Patchy Grass (10g Bag)

Full detailed instructions are also supplied, and we also have tutorial videos available online.

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Weight465 g


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