Modelcraft Plastic Digital LCD Caliper (100mm)


  • For precise measuring
  • Clear LCD display
  • 3 way measurement
  • 0.1mm graduation

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Modelcraft Plastic Digital LCD Caliper (100mm) LCD caliper for accurate measuring. You will be able to takle most measuring jobs using 2 way measurement (mm/in). 0.1 graduation for the precision. Maximum capacity: 100mm/4″. The Modelcraft Collection includes tools for Marking & Measuring. Accurate measuring and marking are fundamental to the success of any hobby & craft project. You will be able to tackle most measuring jobs using a steel rule, an engineer’s square and a scribe tool. There are certain tasks which require more precision. In these circumstances a set of divider calipers, micrometer or vernier calipers will usually offer the accuracy you require.


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