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Modelcraft 6 Pce Phillips Screwdrivers Set


  • Satin chrome plated and black finish tips
  • Colour coded to easily verify sizes
  • Set of 6 nickel chrome molybdenum alloy steel screwdrivers:
  • • 0000 x 50mm
    • 000 x 50mm
    • 00 x 50mm
    • 0 x 50mm
    • 0 x 75mm
    • 1 x 75mm

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Modelcraft 6 Pce Phillips Screwdrivers Set Smaller, detailed tasks such as radios controlled modelling & repairs, work on computers, camera, clock/watches, TV & radio, CD & MP3 players, mobile telephones, glasses and DVDs & VCRs require precision and the correct tool. Our range of quality screwdrivers and wrenches and have been carefully selected for these tasks

Phillips heads are perfect for tightening or loosening screw, especially in tight areas. Only used with a star like hole in their heads.


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