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Balsa wood is the industry standard wood for any model making kit. It combines strength, durability, and lightness, and is easy to cut and carve into whatever you need it to do. Our range of Balsa Wood products are the highest quality produced in the UK. They are all Grade A quality, guaranteed to work perfectly for whatever you have planned in your model railway layout or diorama.

Our balsa wood dowels, sheets and stripes are available in 8 different pack sizes and a variety of different lengths and thicknesses. They are perfect for architectural design, railway modelling or model dioramas. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to unleash your creative juices.


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  • OUT OF STOCKBalsa Wood Dowels Var 01Balsa Wood Dowels Var 02

    Balsa Wood Dowels

    £4.49£59.99 Select options
  • OUT OF STOCKBalsa Wood Sheets Final VariationBalsa Wood Sheets 1 (1)

    Balsa Wood Sheets

    £5.49£29.99 Select options
  • OUT OF STOCKBalsa Wood StripsBalsa Wood Strips 1 (2)

    Balsa Wood Strips

    £5.49£33.99 Select options
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