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Laser-Cut Flocked Elm Leaves


  • Buy in Bulk to Save Money: First Sheet Full Price, Next Ones £7.99
  • These Realistic Modelling Leaves Will Find their Place on Every Landscape
  • Sturdy, Multicoloured, Laser-cut and Flocked with 1mm Static Grass
  • Perfect to add on Top of Model Trees, Bushes, Tracks and Paths
  • These One-of-a-Kind Leaves will Revolutionise your Model Railway Layout or Diorama
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Se acquisti questo prodotto guadagnerai 74 Semi del valore di £0.74!
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Our unique range of Laser-Cut Flocked Leaves comes in 5 different colours and 3 different shapes – Maple, Ash, and Elm, which are not restricted to just those species. They are flocked with 1mm static grass, giving that realistic, 3D textured effect, as you would find in real life. They are small while maintaining high detail and quality through our laser-cut design. They are suitable for the smallest gauges and up. You can mix and match any type and colour to make the perfect blend for your railway model layout or diorama.


Whilst our yellow, orange and red colours are perfect to represent any autumnal scenes; our green and brown colours blend well with any season depending on the way you use them: piles of dead leaves on a Winter path, growing leaves on a tree in Spring, green bushes in Summer or falling leaves in Autumn. They are the perfect addition to bring your model landscape layout or diorama to life.



We recommend using Colla di base e tweezers to apply these leaves. The leaves can be cut or pulled from the paper, then simply apply a spot of glue on a palette or some cardboard, and using tweezers, dip the leaf into the glue and place it in the desired area.


Leaves on Pathway – the perfect way to capture naturally fallen leaves on grounds, park pathways, and mountain hiking trails. Use them as a ground cover on top of muds or dry earth scatter.

Leaf Piles – The durability of these leaves makes them ideal for bending and curling into shape, which can be very effective when creating leaf piles at the bottom of Model Trees or in a Forest.

Leaves on Track – Nothing quite creates that rustic effect like an old track with fallen leaves between sidings. For those Railway Modellers who enjoy the ‘delayed train’ concept, laser-cut leaves can be the best option when creating the popular fallen leaf obstruction.

Alberi – If you are looking to create that extra realistic and detailed tree, you should know these leaves can be attached to any tree type – including seafoam, wire, and plastic. The range of colours allows for the creation of vivid colour depths found in autumn, spring, and summer trees. A winter tree can also be created by following with bush and tree spray, 0.5 mm snow then dusting. The ease of use and durability of these leaves results in them being the best method for intricate bush and tree designs.


Disclaimer: The Leaves can be used for any gauge. Size of the 1 leaf: 6mm x 3.5mm x 1mm (H x L x W). 1 Elm Sheet contains over 750 leaves.

Read our full article on How to Use Laser-cut Leaves.

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Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown

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