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Use our vast range of Grass Tufts to add depth and variety to any model railway layout or diorama. Grassy scenes such as fields, meadows, farmland, beach, and even scorched landscapes are not all uniform. They include different colours, layers, textures, and sizes.

Our Grass Tufts are the perfect way to add that touch of realism to your model railway layout or diorama. Whether you want to use Algae Foliage to add texture to your beachy scene, or Daffodil Grass Tufts to bring a meadow to colourful life, we have everything you could think of and more. You can even add these tufts to the bases of your war world gaming characters, bringing them to life.

We offer a range of colours and sizes (2mm, 4mm, 6mm or 10mm), so you can vary your tufts just like they would be varied in reality.


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