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Our lichen model moss is the touch of realism you’ve been looking for to elevate your model railway layout, diorama or wargaming battle board to the next level. With our vast array of sizes and colours, our lichen model moss is the ideal natural product for creating model trees, bushes, hedgerows, or any other type of model foliage. You can also use our lichen model moss as a basing material to create a realistic base for your miniature models and figures to stand on. The possibilities really are endless.


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  • Flechte Variante 1Flechten Mehrfarbig Packungen 8 X 20g 60g Variation

    Flechte (Größe und Farbe wählen)

    £3.99 - £7.49 Auswählen
  • Flechten Mehrfarbig Packungen 8 X 20g 60g VariationLichen X3 Schwarz, Blau, Hellgrün Variante 1

    Flechten-Multipacks (Farbe und Größe wählen)

    £8.49 - £25.99 Auswählen
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