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Fences & Walls

If you are looking to add structure to your model railway layout, diorama or wargaming battle board we have a set of realistic and high-quality fences and walls for you to choose from. Whether you are opting for more rustic farm stone walls, crumbling stone walls, manicured garden walls, or even barbed wire fences, we have everything you could possibly need to add fences and walls to your scenes. Our fences and walls are available pre-painted and unpainted, so that you have total creative control over your designs. We produce them in-house, using high-quality resin, and they will take your terrain to the next level.


Alle 11 Ergebnisse angezeigt

  • Stacheldraht-VarianteStacheldrahtverteidigung Position 3


    £3.49 - £53.99 Auswählen
  • Blockmauern Variante 1Blockmauern 2

    Block Mauern

    £3.49 - £38.99 Auswählen
  • Gemauerte Mauern Variante 1Gemauerte Mauern 2

    Gemauerte Wand

    £3.99 - £38.99 Auswählen
  • Trockenmauern VariationTrockensteinmauer 2


    5 von 5
    £4.49 - £35.99 Auswählen
  • Bauernhof Steinmauern VariationBauernhof Steinmauer 2

    Bauernhof Steinmauern

    £3.99 - £35.99 Auswählen
  • Gartenmauern Variante 1Gartenmauern 2


    £4.49 - £43.99 Auswählen
  • Zaun Bild 1Zaun Bild 2

    OO Gauge 4ft Holzpfosten & Drahtzaun.

    5 von 5
  • Variation ZäuneSicherheitszaun 2

    OO Spurweite Modell Zäune

    £14.49 Auswählen
  • Variation der BruchsteinmauernBruchsteinmauer 2

    Mauern, Ecken und Tore aus Naturstein

    £3.99 - £41.99 Auswählen
  • Holzzaun Mauern VariationStacheldraht~2

    Zäune, Tore und Ecken aus Holz

    £3.99 - £39.99 Auswählen
  • Yorkshire Walls VariationYorkshire-Steinmauer 2

    Yorkshire Steinmauern

    £3.99 - £37.99 Auswählen
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